Calming blues, lively greens, fiery reds, zestful yellows, magical purples… What colours define you? What colours bring you happiness? Add them to your one of a kind jewellery pieces and enjoy wearing them for years to come!

How does it work?

  • You book your FREE consultation with us by clicking here. We won’t charge you for chatting about your expectations and how we can deliver.
  • Do you have any heirloom jewellery pieces, loose gemstones, and/or scrap gold from “single earrings”, backings, and chains? We can use them in your brand new piece! Just bring them over and save even more!
  • You approve the design and customizations. This is also the perfect time to make any small changes to the design agreed.
  • We will work hard on your unique jewellery piece for about 3-5 weeks.
  • You come and visit us to pick up your new jewellery, or we will arrange a delivery for you
  • You wear your jewellery, show it off, look at it for days, enjoy it for years OR you deliver the gift box to your loved one, waiting with twinkling eyes for the moment the open the box and squeal with happiness, and then, they wear their jewellery, show it off, look at it for days, enjoy it for years…

*NOW* Also offering user friendly pre-made customizable designs, which means: you get to play desiger with our templates! Go to our “Easy To Customize” section to know more about this amazing tool that will make your life SO-MUCH-EASIER!